Andrea's Maternity pics

This Beautiful lady is my amazing sister in law! Only the very best mama's are blessed to raise FOUR BOYS! 

Mills Family photos Chicago Skyline shoot

I don't know if there are any other photographers out there that have had the privilege of shooting on the break water out in Lake Michigan with the Chicago Skyline in the back ground!! SO SO cool.

Valentine Mini Shoot

Love my niece and nephews! 

William turns 8

This stud just so happens to be my son! so proud to be his mama!

Taylin's Baptism photos

I love this sweet girl!! It's great to be eight.

Ellison Family Photos

Hare family

I was asked to add this extra sweet sibling to the photo. This little love lost his twin brother shortly after birth. This was a special photo shoot for me. 

Myers siblings and Gordon's Newborns

I had the biggest urge to photograph these siblings! aren't they all beautiful!? The stars aligned and we got some shots of all 7 of them smiling and looking at the camera! These pictures are some of my top favorites of all time. 

Labor and Delivery

I have a million photos from this shoot! Labor and Delivery shoots have got to be my favorite! The best part about this shoot was the Doctor let the husband deliver his baby girl! 

Jessica's Engagements

Billups/Bridges Bridals